What Is Happening to Us?

Cannot your eyes focus on my empty, sorrow heart?
Every single day, I stay home with my body spreading over a pain.
Now, my speech is just wordless that build our friendship apart.
I love feeling a lukewarm rain
Without feeling a grief.
At this moment, my words are just another words with a heartless.
I just feel like your belief.
Is just not here any longer, and it is just any more mess.
I cannot take it anymore because I still love you more like a sister.
Summertime is just a further fault of mine.
What is happening to us? We prefer
To not losing each other, do we? It is not fine.
I miss having us as best friends,
Even though I am believing that we are acting as if we are just friends.
Weâ??re be unable to find inside each other, dying away to depend
On each other. I cannot just pretend
That nothing really happens, cannot you tell?
Day after day, we chat less.
I never want another farewell.
Desiring a stress
To head off.
Nothing more.
Just a pain, barely laughing it off.
An additional beautiful broken with one more broken wings crashing down to the floor.
I cannot take a risk to leave behind you
Because I still love you.
My heart is just shattered in a glass into two.
I want our friendship to pursue
Forever and forevermore.
Please come back to me.
I cannot watch your eyes unhurriedly to ignore
Let me to crash down on the floor with my knees
Missing you like always

Loved By Other People