Am Sorry!

Am Sorry!
I am sorry…

How do I make you know?
How do I make you understand?
My possessiveness for you
Is what a mother has for her child!

You charged me guilty of not giving you space
You labeled my LOVE with OBSESSION!
You said that I do not love you, but I just want you
You named my LOVE a CAGE!

Didn’t I give reasons for my words…
Why, how and when?..
Didn’t I try to show you the hazy consequences?
Were my reasons shallow and did they miss the depth of truth?

You say that I always took you wrong
You say that I am always right!
Dear, it’s not a battle with you,
My attempt is to show you the right way.

Yes I confess that I made a huge blunder
A blunder which I knew would hurt you bad!
But was the blunder so big
That it couldn’t be forgiven?

You took just one moment of the day
To shatter everything!
Everything which required four long years to grow to this big.
That one moment weighted heavier than those four years!

Now I have been abandoned and deserted,
Left all alone in the midst of nothingness.
There is nothing else which I wish and seek for
Except for your forgiveness!
I am sorry…

Loved By Other People