Bottom man

Bottom Man

A juicy peach, a pair of thighs,
Packed inside her taughtened jeans:
A crafted view to whet the roving eye.

He chases down the wiggle, though she
Knows it in her giggle, so she
Gives a sense of unawares a try.

He must his hand arrest – or might he
Plausibly molest or slap
The symmetry that is her perky bulge?

But is she flaunting in a quest
To show her bum’s the very best?
His dream’s alive! but that he won’t divulge!

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Lust destroyed my love


Lust destroyed my love
Lust pushed away my one
Lust made me weak
Lust took the one love
Lust killed my happiness
Lust is a sin I committed
Lust, I shouldn’t had done
Lust got my suffocating
Lust made light turn into darkness
Lust made me miss my wife
Lust, my innocent girl is hurt
Lust I hurt myself too
Lust I miss my family I built
Lust, you were my biggest mistake….

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