Where Did Our Love Go?

Where Did Our Love Go?
I’m more of a romance story writer, not a romance poem writer. Tell me wat u think of this. It just came to me.

He had his arm around me,
Our fingers in-twined.
He whispered to me he loved me,
And swore he’d never make me cry.

Where did those days go,
When our love was strong and real,
When the sun was always shining,
And when we were a package deal?

One day he took my hand and looked me straight in the eyes.
His were begging for understanding as he whispered a goodbye.
Now my days are rainy
not a ray of light in sight

And I’ll never again feel the warmness
Of his lips against mine.
Now I’m sitting all alone at the place we used to meet
And I’m crying the tears he promised I would never feel.

Where did our love go?
Why did he have to lie,
When he said he loved me,
And wen our fingers were in-twined?

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