Am Sorry!

Am Sorry!
I am sorry…

How do I make you know?
How do I make you understand?
My possessiveness for you
Is what a mother has for her child!

You charged me guilty of not giving you space
You labeled my LOVE with OBSESSION!
You said that I do not love you, but I just want you
You named my LOVE a CAGE!

Didn’t I give reasons for my words…
Why, how and when?..
Didn’t I try to show you the hazy consequences?
Were my reasons shallow and did they miss the depth of truth?

You say that I always took you wrong
You say that I am always right!
Dear, it’s not a battle with you,
My attempt is to show you the right way.

Yes I confess that I made a huge blunder
A blunder which I knew would hurt you bad!
But was the blunder so big
That it couldn’t be forgiven?

You took just one moment of the day
To shatter everything!
Everything which required four long years to grow to this big.
That one moment weighted heavier than those four years!

Now I have been abandoned and deserted,
Left all alone in the midst of nothingness.
There is nothing else which I wish and seek for
Except for your forgiveness!
I am sorry…

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Where Did Our Love Go?

Where Did Our Love Go?
I’m more of a romance story writer, not a romance poem writer. Tell me wat u think of this. It just came to me.

He had his arm around me,
Our fingers in-twined.
He whispered to me he loved me,
And swore he’d never make me cry.

Where did those days go,
When our love was strong and real,
When the sun was always shining,
And when we were a package deal?

One day he took my hand and looked me straight in the eyes.
His were begging for understanding as he whispered a goodbye.
Now my days are rainy
not a ray of light in sight

And I’ll never again feel the warmness
Of his lips against mine.
Now I’m sitting all alone at the place we used to meet
And I’m crying the tears he promised I would never feel.

Where did our love go?
Why did he have to lie,
When he said he loved me,
And wen our fingers were in-twined?

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The One Who Loves You

The One Who Loves You
It is a poem about a boy, a girl and their love, which is no more left in between the two. Though the boy still loves her very much and will continue loving her as if never been hurt…

The one who loves your heart,
The one who still believes,
with kept promises and …..
Souls released.

The one who knows,
Real name of love…
Still never asks and…
waits a while for your smile.

The one far behind but
Walking…. for you
You made the distance,
though he loves it,
with no regretting instance.

The one with such a tough heart,
the one with no tears left,
loves you the same,
as he used to…

The one who never falls,
The one with dreams around,
loves you the most,
though someone better you found.

The one with real pain,
The one who never gained,
The one with only love,
For you…. and always remains..

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I See You

I See You
Again when my only love is no longer in love with me.
Your in my dreams
Always on my mind
But your love
Is now so hard to find
You used to tell me all the time
That you would always be mine
But now you want me out of your life
So all I think about is the blade of a knife
But I can’t let you go
And I gotta let you know
I see you everywhere and whatever I dare,
Whatever I do reminds me of you
You’re a part of me
So why can’t you see
That you’re the only one that’s right for me

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Another tale of a broken heart.

Inter My Heart
Another tale of a broken heart.
Inter my heart in hallowed ground,
It’s just no use to me anymore,
The girl I love has found another man,
And my heart stopped beating as I watched her go.

I cried real tears, so many tears,
My head is pained when it thinks of her,
And my soul has an urge to fly away,
And all my thoughts are so disturbed.

I stand here looking at the old gallows tree,
And I think of the poor souls who ended there,
And I wonder if they felt as sad as me,
As the noose stole away their dying breath.

I feel so lost like a condemned man,
My thoughts are solemn, dressed up in black,
And the hood I wear over my head,
Holds my thoughts forever in the dark.

I find it so hard to face the truth,
I can’t understand why she should love another,
For the rest of my life I’ll weep like a child,
That’s the morbid forecast for my future.

I hear her name whispered on the wind,
I feel her breath as I walk through the mist,
I see her face by the light of the moon,
The pain she caused me I will never forget.

Lord, please take me away from here,
End my pain and let me suffer no more,
I can’t get her image out of my head,
And I can’t go on living without her.

So please inter my heart in hallowed ground,
It beats no longer and is deadly cold,
It’s turned to stone and is black as night,
And it’s just no use to me anymore

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